Paths of Taste

“The brackish sea on the skin, the taste of mama’s ragù in the morning, the scent of spices and fish at the market below the house, the small hours and the backward sleep: stages of a journey that bring me here, today, with the same ambition of origin, but with a different awareness ».


7-course route, along the ancient Neapolitan tradition in innovative way.

Welcome food
Almost fish soup
Coastal scent
Laugh laugh… that mom made gnocchi
Friarielli and fish… bha!!!
Small pastry shop
60,00 €

Wine pairing 45€

Explosions of taste

7-course course, exploring the Chef's most explosive seafood dishes.

Welcome food
Salmon in smoke
The shrimp of contrasts
The essence
Tuna ingot
Small pastry shop
60,00 €


Wine pairing 45€

A journey through the emotion and passion of the Chef

9-course route, stages of a path that take me here, freehand, among my dishes.

Let yourself be conquered by the flavors.

€ 80,00


Wine pairing 60,00€

The courses are served the same for all the diners at the table.


Reserve your seat

Call us to arrange your tasting dinner at the “La Dea Partenope” restaurant.

Only for explosions of taste