Our leavened products, to be enjoyed with those you love

tasty synergies

The sweetest of collaborations

Our artisanal leavened products are the result of the collaboration between “La Dea Partenope” and the historic Forno Nencini in Cascina .
Chef Emanuele Montella has contributed with his know-how to create combinations in the name of taste and quality of raw materials.

The baker Daniele Nencini has made available, in addition to his experience and professionalism, his means of production.

The result is high quality artisan panettone and colombe, able to enhance the sweetness of family parties.


You can buy our products in our restaurant “La Dea Partenope” in Cascina, where you will also have the opportunity to taste it at the end of your dinner.
We ship throughout Italy
For reservations, you can contact us via Whatsapp, on Social Networks or via e-mail.

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