The kitchen is a work of art: you don’t know anything about a dish as long as you ignore the intention that gave it birth.

My kitchen celebrates the ingredients in their essence. The spark is given by a flavor, or by a perfume that gives rise to the emotion.
Technical accuracy and intuition work the magic, returning an explosion of sensations to the palate.
Whoever tastes my dishes makes a journey between tradition and innovation , in which the protagonist is always him, the taste, enhanced in all its facets.


Each ingredient deserves its own love story.

Raw materials of the highest quality, enhanced by select combinations. Each ingredient is the accord of a symphony of flavors that starts from the sea and makes a journey into the excellence of Campania cuisine . Innovation and experimentation give the dishes a unique character, capable of transforming every taste into an experience to remember.

«You always cook with someone in mind. Otherwise, you’re just preparing food. ‘

my kitchen

Explosions of taste

Over the years our cuisine has changed. From a traditional regional restaurant in Campania, “La Dea Partenope” has evolved towards a cuisine made of experimentation, territory, research of raw materials, training .

My only goal and thought, when I cook, is to excite the people who choose us with every bite.

The exaltation of taste is the essence of our cuisine.

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