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  • Salmone in fumo
    Wild salmon marinated in sugar and spices in osmosis, burnt and smoked with beech wood, Sorrento lemon emulsion, Maldon salt and fingerlime.
  • Il gambero dei contrasti
    Crispy shrimp *, buffalo straw smoked provola DOP, velvety cream of potatoes and tarallo powder.
  • A'fresella tonno e mozzarella
    Tuna tartare, Campania buffalo mozzarella foam, passion fruit, Neapolitan fresella.
  • Nel blu dipinto di blu
    Octopus and cuttlefish cooked at low temperature, burnt shrimp, mussels, clams with Sorrento lemon emulsion and gel, powdered EVO oil, and sea water.
  • Battuta esotica
    Purple prawn, avocado, mango, raspberry, escarole and puffed wasabi tartare.
  • Cruditès di mare
    Tuna and lime tartare, swordfish tartare with dehydrated sea lettuce e smoked pepper with apple wood, salmon in osmosis with sugar and spices, Mazara del Vallo red shrimp *, local langoustine, local shrimp, local pink shrimp and special oysters.
  • Cruditès a pezzi
    5/7€ pz
    (depends on daily quotation)
  • Cruditès royal di crostacei del mediterraneo e ostriche special
  • Caviale pregiato di storione
    10 gr
  • Diversamente parmigiana
    Crispy aubergine parmigiana with San Marzano tomato DOP, buffalo mozzarella DOP and basil cream.

Pasta and Rice

  • L'essenza
    Tagliatella of the pasta masters of Gragnano with essence of mussels, essence of yellow datterino, essence of corbarino tomato, cream of basil.
  • La genovese #duepuntozero
    Stuffed buttons with coppery Montoro onion, raw red shrimp and his own juc
  • Tra acidità e dolcezza
    25€ per uno
    Acquerello rice matured for one year, marine plankton, raw shellfish from Mediterranean and their powder, burnt Sorrento lemon, creamed with butter Normandy salty (min. 2 servings).
  • Omaggio a Cetara
    Bronze-drawn spaghetti by the Gragnano pasta masters, fermented black garlic cream, chilli pepper and its spherification, black Taggiasca olive powder, Cetara anchovies and its colatura.
  • Mescafrancesca della nonna
    Mixed bronze drawn pasta by the Gragnano pasta makers, potatoes, piennolo tomato powder, parsley powder, puffed Parmesan cheese, smoked Agerola provola sauce.


  • L’amore per la nocciola di Giffoni IGP
    Catch of the day, hazelnuts from Giffoni IGP, potato mousse with Sorrento lemons.
  • Scapece di rana pescatrice
    Monkfish with scapece zucchini cream and its flower stuffed with anchovies and ricotta.
  • O' baccalà
    Rafols cod in cooking oil, cream of cauliflower, curly endive and prized sturgeon caviar.
  • Lingotto di tonno
    Tuna fillet with pistachio brittle and its mayonnaise, mixed salad and reduction of balsamic vinegar of Modena and its pearls.
  • Grigliata di mare secondo disponibilità del giorno
  • L’ anatra m’buttunat
    Duck breast glazed with its reduction, red pepper cream, stuffed roasted yellow pepper roll, stuffed friggitello pepper

* NB some products can be frozen according to availability.

Raw materials / products killed on site – Some fresh products of animal origin, as well as fish products administered raw, are subjected to
with rapid blast chilling to ensure quality and safety as described in the HACCP plan pursuant to Res. CE 852/04 and Reg. CE 853/04.

Information about the presence of substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances are available by contacting the service staff

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