Happiness is only real when it is shared.

Love for cooking was born as a child. In the kitchen at home, my mom passes on her passion to me. During my years of hotel studies, I cover any role within different types of restaurant businesses and each time I learn something new.

In this period, the Zì Rosa restaurant in Mariglianella , my hometown, welcomes me like a second home. Here I have the opportunity to learn the basics of the most authentic Neapolitan cuisine . Those aromas and flavors of the true Neapolitan ragù, cod in cassuola, Genoese, pasta with beans and mussels will remain with me forever.

It is Chef Antonio Spinosa who teaches me the value of respect for raw materials and authenticity . A great master of cooking and precision, the Chef is a model for me from a human point of view. Thanks to him I have grown technically and temperamentally, arriving at the excellence of catering.

“My land has nourished me, my family has made me who I am today. Without strong roots, the challenge of flight can be frightening. But with the support of the family at your side, everything is possible ».

my values

The family

When you are born into a humble family, the province of Naples makes you grow up quickly. In those circumstances, the difference is not the head, but the education.
For this I have to thank my mom and dad who showed me the right path, that of honest work, commitment and family . These are the values that made me approach the world of cooking.

At 24, the marriage with Angela and the arrival of Mariano, my son, gave birth to the awareness that I had to change my life and that of my family. So we decided to move to beautiful Tuscany, joining my sister, who has been here for years on a permanent basis.

From this happy union “La Dea Partenope” was born.

my values


Cooking is an art that celebrates generosity, a form of gift to others . Sharing a dish means making the guest participate in an emotion that comes from the ingredients, feeds on the Chef’s imagination and is completed in tasting.

This is why each dish contains a unique story , different for each one. My line of ready-made sauces for home was born from the love for sharing. A whim made with top quality ingredients, which allows everyone to rediscover the exaltation of taste even in the warmth of their own home.

my values


Each ingredient that the sea offers us deserves respect, care and dedication. A well-cooked dish is based on the harmony between the essence of the raw materials and the game of agreements that the Chef creates between them.

Thanking the gift of the sea allows you to create true masterpieces of taste, in which each ingredient is celebrated in its uniqueness and enhanced by the combination.

my values


A true Chef is an artist who cannot stop his own creative expression. Innovation, experimentation and updating are stimulating challenges, which make the kitchen of “La Dea Partenope” a continuous wonder.

Creative reinterpretations, variations in the menu, proposal of always new ingredients. An explosion of taste that cradles the guest and guides him to the rediscovery of that vital joy typical of children. Because cooking is art, amazement, fun and enthusiasm.

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