“just for explosions of taste”

“There is a grander spectacle than the sea, and it is the sky. There is a grander spectacle than the sky, and it is the inside of a soul”


In my dishes I enclose the soul of the sea. An ancient symphony that features top quality ingredients, artfully reinterpreted with creativity and innovation . With each taste you will be enveloped by the scent of the waves. You will hear the roar of the surf explode.

“There are trips that are made with a single piece of luggage: the heart”


Food is a gift and as such it deserves love and respect. These are the values that my parents passed on to me.

Commitment, respect for traditions, authenticity. With each dish I celebrate life and all those who have the courage to savor it to the full.


I always remain faithful to my roots, the land that nourished me, but I strongly believe that in life we must push ourselves further, always improve, explore and let creativity free to sprout.

In my kitchen I reinterpret the great dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, according to contemporary taste and aesthetics.

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